Monday, 28 May 2012

Double Day Training run

After my disappointing effort at the Fling i really needed this double day to go well. I'd tried to get to bed fairly early when i could and wanted to be well rested. Got home on Thursday packed and waited on Ian finishing work. Once he was home and packed we headed off to the fabulous Oak Tree Inn.

Arrived to find it bathing in glorious sunshine and packed at all the outside tables. We quickly checked in headed to bar to fuel up. Normally we don't have starters here as i usually struggle to eat my main course but we were both starving so ordered starers and main courses of Haggis Pakora then Pizza, proper Athletes food.

Almost managed to finish, think only had 3 slices left and unlike last time had no Andy or George to clear my plate so i'm afraid they went to waste. Oak tree was as perfect as ever,love that place i do.

Ian had a whisky to finish off night and i had more wine, we went outside as it was still a beautiful night but soon realised that the Midge's had arrived earlier than usual and were in full brutal force. I've got many a bite to now prove that fact, little evil fuckers. So we retired back inside to try keep safe from them.

Had lovely lie in by not getting up til about 8am then headed off for breakfast I had one weetabix followed by scrambled eggs, toast, beans, haggis and a sausage :) and of course about 5 cups tea.I set off about half an hour later into the mist, Ian had said he'd meet me at some point but i didn't expect to see him til near BeinGlas farm and i was fine with that.

Within about a mile the mist cleared and the sun burst through the clouds clearing to a beautiful blue sky, this was to stay for the next 2 days as the temperature climbed upwards as did i. As i got to the beach i ran down by the water which was just lovely, i remember running along here during fling and stopping to walk, i knew at that point i wasn't going to finish the race if i was walking at that stage. I looked up to see Ian taking pics which was nice surprise, i skipped up beach and gave him quick kiss before running on.

My aim was to go out and and enjoy the day, take it back to hen i first started running on WHW and my first fling and soak up every bit and by god i did. I've never seen so many bluebells in my life, the way is awash with them and the smell, of wow it was like a was in bluebell heaven, just beautiful, All the bits of struggled on during fling were a breeze today, my mojo was back as was my love for the beauty around me which can be totally forgotten when you're having a rubbish run.

It was very hot though and i was drinking plenty fluids so made sure i filled my bottle at Rowaredennan, i also stopped here to put compeeds on as my shoes started giving me grief on the downhills towards there.

I ran walked all the hills to Inversnaid and passed lots of happy walkers who were all saying how impressive it was that i was running whilst they struggled to walk in that heat.

I was almost out of drinks by inversnaid  and bought 2 deliciously cold cans of irn bru and once again filled up my bottle of water. I drank one almost immediately and decanted other in drinks bottle. About 1/2 mile out of Inversnaid where the rock climbing starts i came across a family lifting a bug over a particularly big rock, i had to wait til they'd done that, climbed over the rock to find a grumpy looking woman (mustve been the mum) with her arms folded and a bright red face on that said "not moving another step" and 2 kids looking much same lol I slipped past them wishing them a good day.

Onwards and over and up and over and rocks and steps and more rocks and trees, you know the score. little running to be had on this section but i didn't care. i put my own advice i gave to Susan for this section when she found it a struggle and just looked on it as rest for my legs. Once i got to the clearing i passed 2 walkers then a big crowd down by the water who gave me a big cheer lol. Once i was back under cover and skirting the hillside i fell down like a sack of tatties! Clearly my legs mustve got a bit jellified with the scrambling and were shocked by running again. Luckily no major damage, just scrapes n bruises and a dent to my pride.

Onwards i happily went and as i got about nearer Dario's hill Ian appeared. Was good to see him and get a wee bit company again. We stopped and took couple pics at Dario's post, i know how emotional this is for Ian who was very close to Dario.

Once we got to beinglas i popped into the shop and bought an Ice lollies for us both  and more Irn bru and again topped my water up. Said my goodbyes to Ian and off i went again.Got phone call from work here which slowed me down a bit but once i finished my callypo i was off again. Spotted this on a fairly high tree on way to Derrydaroch, must be kamikaze sheep up there...

Ian appeared not to far from Derrydarroch and ran back in with me, he spotted i was getting bit red so left me there and met me again at underpass and slapped on more suncream, he said he was heading straight to Tyndrum to check in so i probably wouldn't see him til end. I headed up hill towards cow poo alley.
 Was amazed to not only not see a cow in sight nor to have to plough through gallons of mud/poo at the famous alley. First time for everything!   >>

As i approached Crianlarich i got a bit emotional, i'd struggled a bit between Bein Glas and Here last yr during WHW race and i recalled Nick appearing in front of me and i was instantly lifted. He found out what i needed and ran on to have it ready when i arrived at Bogle Glen, where he & Susan walked me up hill towards the picnic table with my requested cup of tea. Love my crew.

I stopped at picnic table and took couple pics before heading off knowing I'd kicked the bum off most of the day. Always seems to get a wee bit longer as you approach the road crossing here as you hear the traffic as you get close then have to climb another hill! Wasn't too long before i was indeed crossing that road though and heading towards the wigwams.

This made me think of my first fling where Jules had surprised me by meeting me here and running the last few miles in with me. All these happy memories were just adding to a perfect training run.

Came through wigwams knowing i had less than 3 miles left and ran happily on, didn't see another runner until a mile away from Tyndrum where i saw 3, 2 who said hello (girls, not together) and one who totally blanked me when i said good afternoon. Charmer.

Got the gates where Ian was once again waiting and we ran that last wee bit together. I finished day one in 7hrs54mins. 33.37 miles with a smile on my face in glorious sunshine. Loved it.

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  1. Nice work. Especially on such a toastie day xx



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