Monday, 28 May 2012

Bits n bobs and catching up

This might be a long blog,probably best get cuppa. I'd blog more if our PC didn't keep bloody crashing on us but hey ho.

Since the fling Ive ran bits n bobs here and there to & froing from work and whatnot. Also ran Glasgow Women's 10k. Weather had been rather lovely on Saturday but by Sunday we had rain, crazy winds and it was Baltic, what joy. Lucky I'm not a fair weather runner. Ian had been invited as VIP guests so we were lucky enough to be in a nice warm chandelier clad marquee before the race  drinking tea, wasn't too shabby ;) Did wee warm up to the start and jumped around keeping warm trying spot people. Bumped into Kerry from Strathearn who told me she "wasn't up for it" but sprinted off like a gazelle soon as we started. I had kept pretty quiet about doing this race as although I'd PB'd at 10k distance during my last 2 half marathons i still think I'm proper rubbish at actual short races.

In spite of dull weather (rain held off thankfully, just windy & cold) i loved this race. It's an incredibly well supported and superbly organised race, cant fault it.There was around 3 unofficial water stations and bands playing every km or so, brilliant.
 And to top it all, i got a PB coming in at 47.12, still work to be done on my speed but Ive never claimed to be a speed demon by any means! Back to Marquee afterwards which was right at finish line, brilliant. Rain started lashing down big time about ten mins after i finished so was glad to warm and inside by then. Saw presentations, had few glasses wine and avoided the delicious smelling buffet as we were heading out for lunch with Ian's Dad after. Had bit of chat with the lovely race winner Freya Murray, what a lovely lovey person she is. We compared heights as i thought i mightve found someone as small as me but turns out she is 1and 3/4 inch taller, very specific she was too ;)

 I've been trying to put a wee bit back in by marshalling too. First off all at Self-Transcendence 5k (Incorporating Scottish 5k road championship) we'd also Marshalled at this last year so i knew it would be chockablock full of very speedy runners and i wasn't wrong.

First duty was handing regristration then i was on Medal Duty. Certainly not much standing around here as Winner was in 14.35 and 135 others in before 20mins had passed! I was certainly kept busy and at one point i was standing with bodies of young men scattered at my feet, i kid you not! If my hands hadn't been so full of medals I'd have got pictorial evidence, it must've looked some sight.
Ian was on official duties handing out Trophies to winners then it was home time.

Next stint was for the Cateran. Oh what a weekend.
Ian picked me up straight from work & we headed up to Glenshee straight away. Arrived to find a buzz of activity and Karen looking relaxed with sidekick George never too far away. Jane was quickly getting into the wine reserves so i promised to join her once we'd dumped our bags.
After dropping stuff in room and came out to find Susan had also arrived so we settled down in corner and ordered food. Ian was being good boy and sticking to water, the girls were on the wine.

Ian went off to bed around 10ish as did Susan and most of the sensible runners. Not so much for the Marshall's who don't have to be quite so sensible, we managed to drink Hotel dry of white wine really quite quickly, i take no responsibility here and blame Karen for not warning them i was coming quite frankly.

Flip & Anna eventually arrived after long drive and we stayed up catching up on stuff until the staff started hoovering around us, i blame the roaring log fire, it was difficult to tear ourselves away, nothing to with the alcohol. Got to bed around 1.30am.

Ian was up around 5for his pre race breakfast which hotel put on early as usual, i stayed in bed til he got back then got up to go for wee run. I had planned on doing 3 out & back and even though it was a glorious morning i just couldn't be bothered and turned about 1.5miles in and got back in time for everyone climbing over style for start of race. Quick hug and good luck to Ian then Susan and i stood back and watched them all race off into the glorious scenic sunshine.

I ran a wee bit out with George & Sophie who managed to arrive just as everyone raced off lol. Went back to hotel for breakfast then got ready for marshalling duties. Jane was driving me down to Blairgowrie where i was marshaling with Keith & Bob. As we drove from Glenshee suddenly Jane shrieked and said she'd saw a wee lamb stuck in fence, i hadn't seen it but we managed to turnaround and go back. I climbed over barbed wire fence to get to wee lamb who look liked had got wrapped up in wire from fence. As i got to it and looked to unravel it i realised the poor wee lamb was actually impaled through its leg :( then into its side :( how on earth the poor thing wasn't crying out in pain I've no idea. I left it with a heavy heart and we went to nearest farm to report it then headed off to checkpoint.

Got to CP to find a Smiley Keith waiting all alone, Bob was en route with the drop bags.
Blairgowrie checkpoint. is at bottom of a steep hill and heads straight onto a busy road, i was lollipop girl for the day. Gavin is usually on this section and i got massive hug from him the yr i ran race.
Only had one incident with one wanker who wouldn't stop, and it just happened to be when Andy was coming through, i shouted expletives at him (the wanker, not Andy) and i would've ran after bloody car and kicked it had other runners not been coming through.

Other than that it was a superb day, Ian came through looking happy he had been suffering with cramp but managed to shake it off. Was good to see him looking comfortable as we'd had a bit of tough time there during our training run. Susan came in with Louise, Susan was hobbling and Louise was saying she'd had enough after a fall and feeling crap in general. Susan twisted her knee and decided to pull out :( She didn't want to jeopardise making it worse by trying to plough through it, wise choice as the rest of route is pretty damn hilly and on a dodgy knee it wouldn't have been clever. Lou was persuaded to go on and take each checkpoint at a time, she ended up finishing :)

Once we back at hotel i ran Susan a bubbly bath and headed off to watch, shout and cheer runners in. Susan will be back next yr to kick the races arse, and i might even join her. One of the reasons she pulled out was to preserve herself for WHW race ie crewing for me, between her & Joopsy i am so incredibly lucky that they are prioritising me above themselves, completely selfless and truly wonderful. lucky person i am.
Because of the downhill finish everyone comes bounding down the hill then down to Finish line with a big cheesy grin. Karen was there to congratulate each and every finisher.Ian came in under 12and half hours and was quite happy with that despite suffering with cramp, its been his longest run for about 2 years. I ran him a lovely hot bath and brought him a well earned pint to enjoy.

 I cant sell this race enough, the scenery is breathtaking, the race organistation is second to none and the Race Director and her sidekick are just the best hosts.

The evening was superb. This time we managed to stay up til 2.30 and found it big struggle to get up for breakfast, Ian was up and out for walk before i even got out of bed and he'd ran 55miles. Think i'm losing my touch!

Double training day blog to follow, this one has gone on too long!

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