Thursday, 8 March 2012

Enforced rest

of sorts anyway.

Typical of my training "plan" i went from planning to do the Edinburgh parkrun to heading up WHW.

Donald had mentioned on club page that he was planning on heading up to Milngavie Saturday morning and doing around 26miles and would anyone like to join him. I had bit of time restrictions as i had my staff Christmas night out and table was booked for 6pm. So wanted to be back in town for 4ish. He'd already said he was picking up John Pickard around 9.30 so that wasn't going to work out for me, but he said he'd get back to me if things changed.

So when Ian called to ask if i wanted to meet him at pub on way home (his way home, i had been home for hrs) i said errm ok. So in my head I'd decided i wasn't doing the long run and Ian decided he didn't want to get up early for Parkrun so we planned our 5miles loop from house and do bit a speedhillstuff. Of course we didn't just have one for the road, and came home and opened another bottle
Then i got txt from Donald saying *pick you up at 7.30* 
lol Best laid plans and all that.

So alarm set for 6.45 and up i get and drink 5 pints squash, or thereabouts.Ian couldn't come as he was picking his boy up from station and didn't want to be late so decided to go to parkrun after all. All very decisive stuff our training ;)

Donald arrived bang on time and off we go to pick up Iain, before we know it we're in car park and heading off into the drizzle. Wasn't too long before my jacket was off (when will i learn ) but i kept long sleeve on as it was tad chilly. By mile 8 i started to feel my thigh was really tight,not sure what caused it but it niggled on as miles wore on and slowed me down on the return for sure. Pain was right up front of thigh and into groin area.

Saw fair few walkers out and dog walkers, most very friendly.When i say most were friendly i meant the owners. As we passed the Beech tree there was a bloke sitting outside on picnic tables with a bear, ooops a mean a Rottweiler, slightly larger than me. Yeah i know that's not hard but hey, this was one big dog. Iain & Donald ran past and passed greetings with bloke, i followed and presumed dog was tied up, on a leash or whatever as it hadn't moved a muscle when the boys passed. Next thing the bear, i mean dog started running towards me barking. I did what any self respecting female would do and stood stock still, put my arms in the air and screamed.

The guy was shouting it back, whilst telling me "it's ok, he wont hurt you"  ermm, one paw on me and I'm flattened mate! ffs. Iain and Donald had stopped in tracks horrified, once dog retreated i bolted off. Donald & Iain both laughing saying, "glad he went for you & not us"  lol! Gentlemen indeed.

Now I'm a dog lover, and rest of dogs we saw that day were super friendly and didn't so much as sniff us. They were happily bounding along with huge sticks and waggy tails. But it pisses me right off that that dog was allowed to bound at me like that. Imagine this running towards you>>>
Yes i escaped unscathed, but that dog smelt the fear for sure. I would've barely been a scoobysnack for him.

Anyway, off we went back along railway.
Saw Fair amount of runners, all who responded to our cheery good mornings except one who totally blanked us. Really cannot understand this, we're all runners, out there in goodness knows what weather doing what we love. You'd think you'd want to at least say hi to someone who smiles and says good morning?  As we ran along railway line Iain was out in front, then Donald with me at back, one walker said to me. "they might be faster but you're doing it with style" lol not entirely sure what he meant but it made me smile anyway!

Iain took off into the distance and me & Donald plodded on behind, we got back to car in 4hr28 26.2 miles exactly.Got back home in time to chill for wee while before slipping on the heels and dress for our Christmas night out. Big Steaks, chips, bubbles and vodka were the tonic indeed. We resisted Natalia's attempts to get us on shots thankfully and i was home around midnight.

Had total rest day on Sunday, first of week and on back of 64miles.  It was beautiful day so i kinda regretted not going out, weird to think there were reports of races being cancelled and runners finishing with signs of hypothermia in few places down south. Most odd our weather at mo

Started to feel bit unwell Sunday night so went off to bed early hoping to wake up feeling fine & dandy and ready to hit another week. Up at 4.40as usual and after cup tea i headed off for run, still not feeling 100% at that point. Going downstairs i noticed leg was bit sore, not leg that was sore on Sat though, the other one! Off i ran down street for all of 2mins when it became too painful so i came back. No idea what the heck I'd done, maybe i was overcompensating on run and it's hurt other leg? Who knows. I've actually felt crap all week anyway, stabbing stomach pains and no appetite, coupled with feeling drained which no surprise as hardly eating, vicious circle.

Still been going to work, not like i can just pop feet up and take a break(oh if only) got mortgage/bills to pay etc so i just got head down and got on with it. Maybe once my lottery numbers come up i can be lady of leisure and rest properly when I'm meant to rest, for meantime reality bites.Just as well i love my work.
 Having early nights been helping, although been going from being freezing to sweating to stomach cramps in matter of minutes.

Leg felt better yesterday, wasn't so sore when walking so probably couldve ran but still felt rubbish so didn't bother. Went to opening of Run&Becomes new shop last night, looks great an great location. Very close to Ians work though so i've told Adrian and the girls that if he is popping in on regular basis they've only to sell him stuff in size8/10, pink or red ;)

Today was first day I've felt *normal* hurrah. So my running gear which has been sitting in same spot since Monday was on today and off i went for gentle 6miles to work. Wasn't sure if I'd run home but had some lunch (not had lunch all week) and felt good so i ran home too.

Blackpool this weekend, Marathon for Ian, baby one for me. I've got big run in 2weeks time with Susan planned so saving legs.

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  1. Gosh, what a traumatic time! I hope all your bits are getting better. Good luck with the long run! :-)



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