Thursday, 22 March 2012

2 halves make a whole

Getting within 2 seconds of my PB in Blackpool gave me a bit of boost, i knew I'd felt pretty good during race so reckoned so 2secs were mine to pocket.

Ian had mentioned that Alloa Half was on the following weekend and that if i felt recovered enough i could perhaps do that. After checking out the website the entries had closed so i put it out my mind and did my usual running back n forth fro work clocking up 42miles by Friday. Friday afternoon i get txt from Ian saying, "we can enter race on day, do you fancy it?"   If I'd known that i probably would've ran a bit less but hey ho, nothing ventured nothing gained. A total rest day Saturday would be enough surely.

My friend Kate was having a wobble and talking about not going so i txt her to offer her a lift so she couldn't get out of it. I didn't want to tell everyone i was racing as i didn't want the extra pressure. Ian kindly offered to pace me so i left the garmin at home which was rather liberating. It was a beautiful day, perfect for racing. I'd asked Ian to stay just in front of me and to not tell me what pace we were going, or talk to me unless he had to, plan was to just follow him.Bit like i did last week which kinda worked til he slowed down ;)  I'd been briefed on the course and where the hills were so i was prepared for them. Loved the course actually, i probably do a bit better on an undulating course like that against a flat Blackpool, living in Edinburgh is advantageous for lots of reasons.

I overtook quite a few people on the main hill around 10miles and held all of them off til the end, also managed to pass few folk in last mile too. At mile 12 Ian said i had X amount of time to get to end, having no watch it meant nothing to me so i just upped speed as much as i could and ran my wee legs off. Crossed line with a shiny new PB of 1hr41.30   clearly thanks to my fabulous pacer, who needs a Garmin? (me, mostly) Clearly got my eye on sub 1.40 now...

2 weeks of racing hard has taken it's toll though and i've picked up a niggle in my lower back which is sending shooting pains down back of thigh. I abandoned my Monday morning run and got bus. Monday night was the WHW Training & Inspiration night, even though I've sat through it for past 3 yrs now i still find it interesting and love to hear other people's views are stories. Sue had some great tips for supporters. I made my big screen debut during Dr Chris' talk, well my ankle did at least. It seems I'm still a bit of a mystery as i was never quite diagnosed as to what was wrong. After chatting to him again he is still of same view that i can do nothing or couldn't have done anything to prevent it. Well perhaps not running 95miles mightve prevented it....but lets not go there.
JohnK taped it and has put it it here

Dr Andrew Murray is something else. He had tweeted on Satuday that he wasn't running the D33 as he "had a bit of a bump with car on way to work"  When he turned up he had a hole in his head, his leg and a broken wrist, which is incidentally being operated on today. Goodness knows what a he'd call a full on accident "a minor mishap?"  The man is quite increible actually, and one of most modest men i've ever met. He stood up and played himself down saying that there were far more experienced people in the room than him, that he'd  only ran the WHWrace once so therfore he knows not very much compared to "everyone else here"   Now i may well have just believed him had i not read his book...

Late home, late to bed, up early to get bus to work. Left work sharpish to go collect my dress from dressmaker where it was being altered (it's tough being 2foot nothing) as we were heading Lord Provosts Dinner.
 2 School nights in a row out til way past my bedtime. Think i got about 4hours sleep and by last night i was dead on feet and in bed by 9pm.

Ran to work this morning, set out to do around 6miles but cut it short to 4 after getting bit sore again. Meant to be racing on Sunday and it's starting to look dodgy.


  1. Well done on your new HM PB! Your training must be going well again this year. Hopefully you won't feature in Dr Chris' presentation next year and you'll be in and out of KLL in no time!

  2. Well done on the PB. Hopefully see you soon.

  3. nice running Sandra! Fantastic and what a great photo - you are seriously glam! :-)x

  4. Scorching fast! Congratulations!
    Keep up the good work :-)



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