Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Devil of a run

 Since Spain I've been feeling great. At end of March Ian and I decided to head up to Fort William. He wanted to do a long run before deciding if he was doing Fling or not. We arrived Friday evening and  got bus back down to Tyndrum on Saturday morning to run back. Here we are looking optimistically happy whilst nice warm and dry on bus.
 It was the same weekend as the fling training run at By the way so bumped into a fair few who'd decided to go North that day, lovely to see smiley friendly faces in midst of what can only be described as challenging weather. Kirsty ran with us for a while before going back to get the others. Here is Ian & Kirsty chasing rainbows

We pushed on and got to Bridge of Orchy
 fairly quickly, the sun came out, the rainbows led the way, the wind howled and sleet poured down. Repeat for rest of day and you get general idea. Rannoch moor is brutal and exposed on a good day. Ian knows this is not my favourite place, he loves it, i wouldn't say I loathe it, its just not my favourite bit. (Tyndrum to Bridge Orchy is my fave if you're in least bit interested)  He told he I had to run the whole way. Have you seen the elevation of it? Ian was running really strong and loving it, I was hanging on for dear life and not loving it. He pushed on ahead to get to Kingshouse and order coffee &;tea. The weather took turn for worse about half mile from Glencoe, I was literally blown off the trail and the rain/sleet/hailstones were hammering down. I got my head down and ran fast as i could to Kingshouse desperate for cup of tea and quick dry off.

Got into hotel absolutely drenched. Tea was waiting and Ian told me to drink it quick. . Think we were in for about ten mins or so if we were lucky. What joy to step back out into the wind howling around us, at least the rain had stopped. For now. Onwards we pushed. I don't mind the devils staircase at all, we got to top to find fairly deep snow, none over other side on way down though. Plenty sleet and rain though and sun and rainbows..  Ian ran on ahead again as he wanted to pop to shops and I met him as I got to pub (didn't go in) we headed off for the never ending climb out of Kinlochleven.

This imho is worse than the devil. It just seems to go on for ever and ever. I've ran it on trashed legs and fresh legs, swear there is no difference. Onto Lairig mhor and again all sorts weather happening, one minute getting blown around like a kite, next min proper calm.
Saw only 2 walkers from Kingshouse to Fort William, guessing weather kept them at home. Ian pushed on again from Lundavra and I said I'd see him at FW. Seem to have bit of dip coming through forest and the climb up to fire road felt harder than normal. Eventually got to Braveheart and felt a bit better heading along the last stretch of road. Did a wee celebratory dance to myself as I passed leisure centre and pushed onto Premier Inn where we'd left car. Rain was battering me here and I arrived like a drowned rat just as Ian was coming out all changed & dry. I popped into toilets to get changed, we had dinner then headed off for home. Knackered but happy. Ian decided he was indeed running the Fling...

Next again day we went to Norton House for champagne Spa day, just what we needed after day before.  I had the hard task of drinking Ians' champagne as straight after we were heading off to Glasgow having been invited to Hampden for Scotland game and he was driving.  Super busy weekend!

                                 Happy Days

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