Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Too busy to blog?

I could use that excuse. I mean, I'm up at 5am run to work which has been pretty damn busy of late. But if truth be told I'm just too lazy. Yesterday i had to hot foot it to meeting in Linlithgow,checked with Ops Manager if i could come in running gear and he said yes. So all the other managers turn up in suits and theres me in hot pink vest and shorts. We were provided with usual tea/coffee/water etc and the most enormous pieces of cake ever. When i commented to chef who brought it through he told me i clearly needed feeding! cheeky bugger.

I somehow managed to clock up 207miles in October. I guess starting on the 1st with a 30mile run on WHW was good footing, if you'll excuse the pun. That was meant to be last long run before Glen Ogle but i ended up doing to Linlithgow to Edinburgh run to, just because. Looking back on training log that's 4th time this year I've gone over 200miles so i reckon I'll at least equal last years mileage but after Glen Ogle there are no plans at all really.

Weekends have been super hectic of late, Richie & Helen's wedding last weekend was just superb. Everything from the lovely service to the food and the ceilidh band were just superb.Honeymoon was kept a big secret, i do hope Helen hasn't left it to Richie or she'll be sleeping in some bothy in the wilderness somewhere. I think you'll agree they look supremely happy.

Managed to find myself a fabulous pair of shoes to go with my dress, most people were dubious I'd be able to walk in them little less dance. Oh ye have little faith.

With them being brand new though i decided i should pack a
comfortable pair to wear should i need them later.  I managed from 9am til about 8ish i think, had about 3 ceilidh dances in them then decided that if i wanted to run in morning then I'd best go for more sensible option so i nipped upstairs to and changed.

It wasn't my shoes that caused the problems though, it was Ian's, we danced so much that his soles fell off! lol He took them to the concierge who went into his little room and glued them together again, but no luck. Luckily Ian had shoes upstairs he could change into, no not my red ones, just a plain black pair. Although if we followed the priest's advice during the service he'd have came back wearing the red ones...

Many many dances later and many drinks later plans were made, goodbyes were said and we all headed off to bed. Most of the gang were meeting at 11am to run but because Ian was heading off to see the boys we decided to run at 9am before heading back for breakfast. It was an stunning morning and we had a glorious 5 miles along St Andrews beach before heading back for breakfast.

This was the view from breakfast room, pretty amazing.

Pretty Amazing weekend in fact. Many Congratulations Mr&Mrs Cunningham and thank you for letting us share your special day.

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