Sunday, 28 May 2017

London Marathon, yes, again

Its been about 5 weeks since London Marathon. London wasn't my first Marathon, it WAS my first London but then its not the only Marathon .

So why the obsession with it.

Still to this day I have people congratulating me about it. Now don't get me wrong, I was ecstatic to get the time I did. (3.30.56)And I love a bit of adulation, who doesn't. But its just another Marathon. Yes its the biggest in the world, its a superbly organised race. Its superbly supported. Its CHEAP! you get free train travel to start- so so many positives. I have nothing bad to say about London Marathon or London in general who my goodness put on a superb show

But I am in training for a 100 mile race, my good time came off back of training for that. I've ran more Ultra marathons than actual Marathons but people still are talking to me about London. It baffles me. I have a customer who regularly brings in clients and I'm not joking, every time he tells them " Sandra ran London marathon you know"  He KNOWS I run them all the time, he knows I'm training for South Downs way race. But still he regales them in fact I've ran London.

My greatest running achievement ( imho) is my 21.57 WHW finish. I do have some hope to go out and get rid of those 56 seconds and get sub3.30 at some point and I wonder if people will still be congratulating me 5 weeks later if I do.

There are clearly no other Marathons worth doing!

Thoughts, anyone.......


  1. It's a fixation with people because I think that's 'all' they know. Like you, people know I've run ultras and I still get asked more often what my 10k/half/marathon times are....

  2. the first thing people ask is 'have you done London?' maybe just because it gets so much TV coverage? Or raises so much money for charity??



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