Monday, 3 April 2017

What's happening

I've been meaning to blog for ages and I never seem to find the time.
We are away most weekends and seem to be busy all time and blogging is way down on list of stuff that needs doing! But hey, I've got the day off so here I am.

Reason I've taken day off is to rest & recover after long weekend of training - which brings me to explain why I am back in blogland. Last year I didn't really have a big plan nor a big race to train for. I just picked races as the year went on and did stuff I'd not done before. Islay half marathon, Glencoe Marathon, Strathearn marathon to name a few. All good stuff and its good to do different things instead of same old stuff year on year I reckon.

So this year I needed a focus. That focus is the South Downs Way race in June. Its 100 miles long, starts in Winchester & finishes in Eastbourne. I've always had a pull to do this race and here's why

I actually did my very first Ultra on the South Downs Way, It was called the Downlands challenge, no idea if its still going but it was a 30 mile race. I don't even know where it started but it was 15 out & back and there were windmills which I'm pretty sure were called Jack & Jill! my friend Jen Jackson had persuaded to do my first Ultra & although it was a damn long way to go I thought it was nice distance and not too scary.

Jen had done loads of Ultras so I put my trust in her-. I went down to stay with her and totally loved the race and was truly bitten by the Ultra bug. Jen had always loved the South downs way and was convinced it would make a great 100 mile race. So she decided she'd create one. And right there is where the SDW100 was created.  Susan ( my ever present crew) was marshalling as were many other running friends. lots of whom live down that way.
At that stage I could never imagine running that distance. I'd crewed for Jen when she did WHWrace in 2009 and I was in awe of everyone doing it. Funny how things shape your life, little did I goodness we were clueless, there is a blog about all that if  you look far enough back lol

Jen organised the race in 2010 & 2011 before deciding it was too much work have recently bought a horse which took up lots of her free time. She passed race into the very capable hands of James Elson & its fair to say he hit the ground running (excuse the pun) and  & has made a great success in form of all the Centurion races.

So it feels like I should be doing this race after all this time now I know I can indeed run all that way!

With 10 weeks to go and I reckon training is going well It feels good to have a focus again.  Although I am following plan loosely based around my 2015 WHW race training, I am also running London Marathon for first time so I've been trying to incorporate marathon training alongside Ultra training. Tricky but doable .
This include nice mix of road & trail runs, races &  intervals. Also doing some weights to mix things up a bit and keep me strong. Touch wood its all going to plan. I've PB'd at 5k & half marathon distance this year so far, hoping that a bit like wine, I'm getting better with age ;)

Although you don't need crew for this race as there are plenty well stocked aid stations, when I told Susan & Nick I was doing the race they immediately said they were coming too. I was quite happy to go down on my own but they both want to go back there (Nick did that same 1st Ultra as me that day)

Quite often I get asked if I'm running for charity and I always joke that if I did that every year I'd have no friends & people would run other way when they see me coming. But its been 7 years since I last fundraised. (for my first fling) so I think it's time to do it again. I've sponsored many of my friend over the years and still do.

I have chosen two charities very close to my heart.

First one is Marie Curie - 

My mum was looked after in our local Marie Curie hospice in her final weeks. They do a marvellous & tough job, they even sent 2 nurses with my mum so she could spend a few hours at home with me on my 21st Birthday. I'll never forget that and treasure those memories. I'll be ever thankful to them. £20 pays for one nurse for one hour -

Me & mum

Second one is SAMH -
Ian is actually Vice chair of SAMH. Both our families have had to deal mental health issues but my main reason is in memory of my sons best friend- Jordan Lane. He took his own life at the young age of 22 - he was a beautiful, bright smiley boy who's been sadly missed these past few years. Suicide is a massive problem with young males as they feel they cant speak to anyone about it.This weekend I've ran with several friends, every one of them has been closely touched by suicide
If raising money can save even one more person then it'll be money well spent. £20 provides one hour of help to someone in need.
here is pic of me & Jordan at my boys 21st

Having made it this far- please click on this link and help me help people who need it.

Click here to donate, thank you! x

Planning another blog shortly to talk abut training this weekend. watch this space!

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This could be a long blog, but 100 miles is a long way. I've always had a pull to this race for various reasons. I've heard many g...