Wednesday, 17 June 2015


We are now 3 days away from WHWrace or 2 sleeps, whatever way you want to count it.

I've always been pretty chilled leading up to races, Ian is always amazed at how chilled I am, even for my first WHWrace. The way I look at it is that we have put 6 months into this race, we look at social media and see other peoples training and start to panic. Oh my god, I'm doing nowhere near that, should I be running more? longer? faster? sooner?

We worry about being injured, every niggle is dissected and stressed over, we think the worse of course and it's never (usually) that bad. We worry about our diet, or lack thereof. We worry about shoes, what shoes to wear, what backpack to use? what kit? Ask a question and you'll get a hundred different answers.

What do I eat during race? Pizza, Cheese, soup, potatoes, ice-cream, beer! You name it, someone will have tried it and SWEAR by it.

Of course it all means nothing, because all that matters is what works for YOU. And that only comes with trial and error, which is why we train.

So as I sit here with my sore foot, my sore throat and my tired body I wonder if I'll make it through the race. Anything can happen from 1am on Saturday morning that much I know having had 2 finishes and one DNF so far.

There's nothing else I can do, or want to. I think I'm as fit as I can be, I've done my training and I'm ready. I just need things to go right on the day.

And THAT is why I'm worried about not being worried.


  1. Great thoughts and wise words. Hope you have a fantastic run on Saturday, you deserve it with the hard work you have put in! X

  2. No one knows what will happen between Milngavie and Fort William, we are as prepared as we can be, let's enjoy the adventure. xxx



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