Friday, 29 June 2012

Put to bed

As i said in my last blog i put the race to bed and managed to sleep soundly til Nick woke me up in morning and asked if i wanted bacon rolls & tea. Silly Question. I got downstairs to find him busy in kitchen cooking for me, Susan & Stephen. He'd already been along to Leisure Centre and delivered some to Ian too!

My crew had wound me up about the fact  i'd pulled out at 50miles and they'd been eating all day in anticipation of running, it didnt stop them wolfing down the chinese i bought them later though.. ;)

So Susan & Nick had got up in morning to take opportunity to run,it was a glorious morning quite the opposite of previous days madness. They came back full of enthusiasm, buzzing with  stories of the amazing guys still battling on to the finish. I remember getting up last yr after a full nights sleep and seeing people pass by to the finish, proper steely guts that takes i reckon.

Looking back i've been looking for postives to take away, the negatives can stay back on the hill leading to A82 where Ian met me  i'll give it a kick on my next training run

So here they are- Positives
I have an amazing support crew, who selflessly support me and looked after me til minute they left, and STILL want to come back for more.

I got to see the first couple runners finishng. And wow what a brilliant and eye opening thing to see, Terry tore round corner as if he was Usain Bolt, PaulG wooped and cheered and pumped his first whilst tearing across car park. Both finishes made me goosebumpy.

I got to spend bit more time with my crew, they'd selflessly taken a lot of time & effort on my part, i felt a bit guilty about pulling out because of that but after the laughs we had in car after felt better. It meant Susan couldnt moan at me all way from Top Devil til Kinlochleven, it also meant no singing from Nick as we stomped across Rannoch Moor, a place he still hasnt stepped on.

Susan & Nick WILL run it one year, they've now both admitted that. I will endeavour to be half as good crew for them as they were to me.

I got to see the first couple runners finishing. And wow what a brilliant and eye opening thing to see, Terry tore round corner as if he was Usain Bolt, PaulG wooped and cheered and pumped his first whilst tearing across car park. Both finishes made me goosebumpy.

Got to go back and see others finishing and spend bit time talking and congratulating people, making tea,helping out wee bit.

I'm not broken, i didn't end up in hospital.

I was back in my heels by sunday night :)

I've recovered and i have diagnosis, and a way forward.

Huge  thanks you to every single person who volunteered and got this World Class race off the ground. Living wth Ian i get to see the sheer amount of work that goes inot the race from minute entries open in November. It's not without it stresses either. I hope i managed to thank all the marshalls i saw at CP's and didnt envy them out there in that weather fighting off the evil Midgies who were out in full throttle. Ian saw every single finisher in and didnt get to bed until Sunday night, i'm sure JohnK , Sean and others were in same boat, superb effort all round, well done everyone

On Wednesday we made decided at last minute  to run the Botanics 5k, this is a special race for me as it was my first ever race back in 2005. I'd never ran before then, well except when i was forced to at school anyway.  I  remember training for it, mainly on a treadmill and once a week outside and vowing to never run again once race was over with, i loathed running!

But i got my medal, and tshirt and was SO proud of myself. The rest as they say is history,,,

I decided on Wednesday not to run with watch or Garmin and to just enjoy race,watching my posture and technique and being ever aware of ankles. My finishing time was 24.04, a mere 50secs away from my PB. Have to say i was pretty damn pleased. Ankles felt fine although left one was bit twingy  next day so i strapped it up and i'm ok again. Ian had never ran it before and really enjoyed it too, he got 20.44  Think the organisers were delighted to see the  Chairman run, although he is on the results as a girl! lol

Great event and i reckon it gets lots of people running regularly like did. There tends to be lots of teams of people doing it which makes it a "one size fits all" event.  Bit like Glasgow womens 10k i reckon.

Been loving reading everyone's blogs about the race. I've laughed & cried and felt every step in some of them. Massive well done to everyone who finished the WHWrace and to those who didnt? Well we can take the postives and take them to Milngavie on June22nd next year at 1am.

 I'll see you there.


  1. Hope you are on the mend and ankles clear up quickly. I aim to see you on the start line next year and experience what you lot have gone through. Thanks for the support at Strathearn.

  2. I cant wait until next year.



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